China high quality Xwsg8 Electric Operated Part Turn Worm Gearbox with Great quality

Item Description

Design:XWSG8 electrical operated element change worm gearbox

Design Electrical Output Torque N·m Ratio Electric  Input Torque  N·m Input Flange    ISO5210-2001 Common Base Output Flange Thickened Base Output Flange Max. Stem Diameter  mm Enter Shaft Diameter    mm  APPROX. Weight      kg
XWSG4 1700 479 413 348 279 213 131     13 15 eighteen 23 thirty 48     F10&solF12&solF14 N&solA F12&solF14&solF16 52 twenty five 36
XWSG5 3000 472 407 343 275 210 129     24 27 32 forty fifty three 86     F10&solF12&solF14 N&solA F14&solF16&solF25 seventy six 25 62
XWSG6 7000 486 419 353 284 216 132     fifty three sixty two seventy three ninety one one hundred twenty 196     F10&solF12&solF14 N&solA F16&solF25&solF30 87 25 93
XWSG7 16000 566 485 420 359 310 251 181 113 105 122 141 a hundred sixty five 191 236 327 523 F10&solF12&solF14&solF16 F25&solF30 F25&solF30&solF35 120 35 167
XWSG8 28000 566 485 420 359 310 251 181 113 183 214 247 289 335 413 573 914 F10&solF12&solF14&solF16 F25&solF30&solF35 F25&solF30&solF35&solF40 153 35 276
XWSG9 40000 566 485 420 359 310 251 181 113 262 306 353 412 479 589 818 1306 F10&solF12&solF14&solF16 F30&solF35 F30&solF35&solF40&solF48 one hundred seventy 35 343
XWSG10 65000 771 711 659 612 561 483 419 367 312 339 365 393 429 498 575 656 F16&solF25 F35&solF40 F35&solF40&solF48 one hundred ninety 45 755
XWSG12 145000 771 711 659 612 561 483 419 367 697 755 815 878 957 1112 1282 1463 F10&solF14F16&solF25 F35&solF40&solF48 F35&solF40&solF48&solF60 220 forty five 1050

XWS collection element-turn worm gearbox is created base on XW collection, and produced for huge torque, guide and computerized valve. The initial stage transmission of this sequence is using worm gear to push, 2nd phase transmission is using worm equipment or bevel gear to generate. There are tapered roller bearings with large efficiency put in on the two ends of the very first phase worm shaft, it can bear double-directional thrust while stand up to radial forces, and also the bearing clearance can be adjusted. Consequently, beneath large torque, long lifestyle.Due to the fact of the selectable double-phase enter construction, rotatable angle of mounting hole in between output finish cap and housing, users can flexibly choose installation angle according to installation problems.

1. Completely enclosed gearing with good sealing
two. Ductile cast iron housing, reliable toughness
3. Grease loaded, boost the provider daily life
4. CZPT enter composition, versatile input mode
five. CZPT ratio of double-phase gearbox, used in a broad variety
6. Adjustable angle of output conclude cap, versatile modes of set up
7. CZPT output flange type
eight. Large overall performance of tapered roller bearing, can withstand axial and also radial forces
nine. Sealed structure, very good water-resistant result, can be up to IP68 if needed
ten. Adjustable stopper, °and ninety °&lpar&pm5 °adjustable)

XWS collection part-flip worm gearbox is suited for dampers, ball valve, butterfly valve and other 90 °rotary &lparquarter- turn) valves.

Operating Surroundings
XWS sequence portion-flip worm gearbox are with great mechanical quality and steady functioning efficiency which utilize to offer with assortment local weather and temperature. We attempt to produce RWS collection worm gear operator to meet up with greater requires.

Enclosure: IP67 common &lparOptional IP68 as needed)
Doing work Temperature: From -20ºC to 120ºC &lpar -4ºFto 248ºF)
Painting: Silver gray &lparCustomization)

Connect With Valve
The flange connecting to valve is according to ENISO5210 or DIN3210 &lparCustomization)

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China high quality Xwsg8 Electric Operated Part Turn Worm Gearbox     with Great quality