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Item Description


one.Wide transmission rate, strong output torque
2.Compact mechanical structure, light weight, small volume&Good heat-dissipating
3.Smooth operation with lower noise or vibration
four.Easy mounting, free linking, high efficiency


Wide range of application,including light industry of food &beverage, Cement,
package,construction material,chemicals and etc.

We are seasoned transmission sellers and offer a wide range of transmissions, an crucial element of many drive methods. Gearboxes can be employed to reduce or increase velocity, enhance torque, reverse or alter the course of a drive shaft. Gearboxes are also identified as gear drives, pace reducers, equipment motors, pace reducers and equipment reducers.
Gear reducers, also called reducers, come in numerous transmission variations and are designed to multiply torque and decrease enter pace to a sought after output velocity. The major advantage of inline gearboxes is their capability to keep management in apps involving higher rotational speeds. Their effectiveness and capability to supply substantial input speeds with minimum backlash make inline reducer gearboxes perfect for a broad variety of movement management programs

China Good quality Taizhou Sihai Gearbox Machinery Co., Ltd     wholesaler