China factory CZPT GWC series Marine Gearbox with Lohmann Stolterfoht Technology with Great quality

Solution Description

CZPT HCT400A series maritime main propulsion propeller reduction gearbox, with CZPT gearbox checklist as:

Design Engine Speed Reduction Ratio Excess weight Rated Thrust
GWC28.30 400-900 two.0607[.781kw/rpm] 1230 80
400-1150 two.5053[.642kw/rpm]
four hundred-1350 three.08[.522kw/rpm]
four hundred-1600 three.5353[.455kw/rpm]
400-1800 four.0526[.397kw/rpm] 4.5351[.346kw/rpm]
five.0918[.316kw/rpm] 5.5861[.286kw/rpm]
GWC30.32 400-900 2. 0571 [1.066kw/rpm] 1460 100
400-1150 2.5517[.846kw/rpm]
four hundred-1350 three.037[.713kw/rpm]
four hundred-1600 three.52[.618kw/rpm]
400-1800 4[.537kw/rpm] 4.5455[.47kw/rpm]
5.571[.426kw/rpm] 5.641[.375kw/rpm]
GWC32.35 four hundred-900 2.0585[1.346kw/rpm] 2250 113
400-1150 2.5415[1.088kw/rpm]
four hundred-1350 three.5711[.9176kw/rpm]
400-1600 3.5759[.772kw/rpm]
400-1800 4.0526[.684kw/rpm] 4.5930[.602kw/rpm]
5.571[.537kw/rpm] 5.5724[.493kw/rpm]
GWC36.39 400-900 one.9737[1.838kw/rpm] 3000 140
four hundred-1150 two.4502[1.471kw/rpm]
four hundred-1350 2.9791[1.221kw/rpm]
four hundred-1600 three.4737[1.044kw/rpm]
400-1800 three.9474[.919kw/rpm]  4.3958[.816kw/rpm]
5.0065[.735kw/rpm]  5.4656[.669kw/rpm]
GWC39.forty one 400-800 1.975[2.397kw/rpm] 3250 175
four hundred-a thousand two.469[1.868kw/rpm]
four hundred-1200 3.052[1.551kw/rpm]
four hundred-1400 three.48[1.33kw/rpm]
four hundred-1600 4.051[1.169kw/rpm]
four hundred-1600 4.484[1.037kw/rpm] 4.996[.919kw/rpm]
5.506[.831kw/rpm] 5.999[.757kw/rpm]
GWC42.45 four hundred-800 two[3.147kw/rpm] 3980 220
four hundred-1000 two.5454[2.471kw/rpm]
400-1200 three.5714[2.081kw/rpm]
four hundred-1400 three.5789[1.757kw/rpm]
400-1600 four[1.573kw/rpm] 4.4706[1.397kw/rpm]
5[1.243kw/rpm] 5.6[1.103kw/rpm]
GWC45.49 400-seven hundred one.9737[4.102kw/rpm] 5280 270
400-900 two.4671[3.272kw/rpm]
400-1050 two.8947[2.721kw/rpm]
400-1250 3.466[2.353kw/rpm]
400-1400 3.9474[2.051kw/rpm] 4.3741[1.823kw/rpm]
4.8496[1.647kw/rpm] 5.5571[1.485kw/rpm]
GWC49.54 four hundred-600 1.9359[5.412kw/rpm] 7900 284
four hundred-750 2.4593[4.257kw/rpm]
400-900 2.9172[3.588kw/rpm]
four hundred-1050 3.4457[3.037kw/rpm]
four hundred-1200 three.9524[2.647kw/rpm] 4.5336[2.294kw/rpm]
4.9105[2.11kw/rpm] 5.4823[1.881kw/rpm]
GWC49.59 four hundred-1050 4[2.962kw/rpm] 8500 284
four hundred-1200 4.4761[2.647kw/rpm] 5.009[2.365kw/rpm]
GWC52.59 400-600 one.9341[7.059kw/rpm] 9800 300
400-750 two.4817[5.493kw/rpm]
four hundred-900 2.9643[4.603kw/rpm]
four hundred-1050 three.5251[3.868kw/rpm]
four hundred-1200 three.9524[3.448kw/rpm] 4.4314[3.059kw/rpm]
four.4314[3.059kw/rpm] 4.9725[2.662kw/rpm]
five.4017[2.493kw/rpm] 5.9286[2.265kw/rpm]
GWC52.59A four hundred-600 one.9341[7.059kw/rpm]   400
400-750 2.4817[5.493kw/rpm]  
four hundred-900 two.9643[4.603kw/rpm]  
400-1050 three.5251[3.868kw/rpm]  
400-1200 3.9524[3.448kw/rpm] 4.4314[3.059kw/rpm]
4.9725[2.662kw/rpm] 5.4017[2.493kw/rpm]
GWC52.62 four hundred-565 2.017[7.326kw/rpm] 10700 300
400-690 two.462[6kw/rpm]
400-845 3.019[4.893kw/rpm]
four hundred-960 3.449[4.284kw/rpm]
400-1135 4.06[3.64kw/rpm]
four hundred-1200 four.524[3.266kw/rpm] 5.042[2.931kw/rpm]
5.455[2.709kw/rpm] 5.945[2.486kw/rpm]
GWC60.66 four hundred-600 2.0123[9.25kw/rpm] 15000 450
four hundred-750 two.499[7.265kw/rpm]
400-900 three. 0571 [6.169kw/rpm]
400-1050 three.5738[5.287kw/rpm]
four hundred-1200 4.571[4.625kw/rpm] 4.4838[4.571kw/rpm]
five.0786[3.662kw/rpm] 5.5061[3.331kw/rpm]
GWC60.66A four hundred-600 2.0123[9.25kw/rpm]   550
400-750 two.499[7.265kw/rpm]
400-900 3. 0571 [6.169kw/rpm]
400-1050 3.5738[5.287kw/rpm]
400-1200 four.571[4.625kw/rpm] 4.4838[4.571kw/rpm]
five.0786[3.662kw/rpm] 5.5061[3.331kw/rpm]
GWC60.74 400-530 1.9918[10.449kw/rpm] 18000 550
400-670 2.5263[8.2383kw/rpm]
four hundred-815 three. 0571 [6.809kw/rpm]
four hundred-935 three.51[5.9259kw/rpm]
four hundred-1070 4.5713[5.1756kw/rpm]
four hundred-1200 4.5[4.625kw/rpm] 5.571[4.133kw/rpm]
five.5125[3.7755kw/rpm] 6. 0571 [3.4461kw/rpm]
six.5[3.2019kw/rpm] 6.9429[2.9977kw/rpm]
GWC66.seventy five three hundred-460 two.052[thirteen.462kw/rpm] 22000 700
three hundred-580 2.553[10.823kw/rpm]
three hundred-680 2.986[9.251kw/rpm]
three hundred-795 3.482[7.934kw/rpm]
three hundred-900 3.952[6.99kw/rpm] 4.486[6.158kw/rpm]
4.969[5.56kw/rpm] 5.509[5.014kw/rpm]
GWC70.76 three hundred-425 two.0481[fifteen.643kw/rpm] 25000 750
300-550 two.528[12.673kw/rpm]
three hundred-seven hundred three.571[10.364kw/rpm]
three hundred-810 3.5826[8.943kw/rpm]
300-900 three.95[8.111kw/rpm]
three hundred-950 four.5737[7.005kw/rpm]
300-970 5.571[6.348kw/rpm]
three hundred-a thousand 5.5765[5.745kw/rpm] 6.1719[5.191kw/rpm]
GWC70.85 300-400 1.9762[19.2kw/rpm] 30000 800
300-480 2.4505[fifteen.484kw/rpm]
300-600 three.0072[12.617kw/rpm]
300-700 3.4928[ten.863kw/rpm]
three hundred-800 three.9524[9.6kw/rpm]
three hundred-850 four.4724[8.484kw/rpm] 5.0503[7.513kw/rpm]
300-900 5.5798[6.8kw/rpm] 6.0521[6.269kw/rpm]
GWC75.ninety 200-465 2.0113[22.423kw/rpm] 34000 980
two hundred-580 2.5102[17.967kw/rpm]
two hundred-695 three.0067[15kw/rpm]
200-815 3.5143[12.833kw/rpm]
two hundred-925 3.9975[11.282kw/rpm]
two hundred-1571 four.4324[ten.175kw/rpm]
two hundred-1100 five.571[8.953kw/rpm] 5.4667[8.25kw/rpm]
GWC78.88 two hundred-310 2.0387[23.372kw/rpm] 35000 1000
two hundred-390 2.495[19.101kw/rpm]
two hundred-470 2.981[fifteen.984kw/rpm]
two hundred-570 3.476[13.709kw/rpm]
200-650 three.ninety five[twelve.063kw/rpm]
200-680 four.489[10.616kw/rpm]
200-720 5.01[9.512kw/rpm]
two hundred-750 five.469[8.713kw/rpm]
two hundred-800 six.085[7.831kw/rpm]
GWC80.95 200-350 1.975[28kw/rpm] 40000 1200
200-440 2.49[22.2kw/rpm]
200-520 two.ninety four[18.84kw/rpm]
200-610 3.456[16kw/rpm]
200-seven-hundred 3.ninety five[14kw/rpm]
200-800 4.514[twelve.25kw/rpm] 5.571[11kw/rpm]
five.479[10.09kw/rpm] 5.925[9.33kw/rpm]
GWC85.100 150-270 one.975[35.4286kw/rpm] 46000 1400
two hundred-340 two.551[27.4286kw/rpm]
200-410 2.9844[23.4454kw/rpm]
two hundred-480 three.4798[twenty.1081kw/rpm]
two hundred-560 3.95[17.7143kw/rpm]
two hundred-635 4.4838[fifteen.6054kw/rpm]
200-seven hundred 4.9657[fourteen. 0571 kw/rpm]
200-780 five.5061[12.7081kw/rpm]
200-845 5.9887[eleven.6839kw/rpm]
two hundred-910 six.4517[ten.845kw/rpm]
two hundred-a thousand seven.571[9.9198kw/rpm]

created by 1 of the biggest gearbox producer in China, with systems
launched from Bosch, Twindisc, Eaton, and so forth.
Aside from gearbox, we largely sell diesel/petrol engines and connected spare components, with manufacturers
which includes: Cummins, Deutz, CAT,Isuzu, VM, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Yuchai,
Weichai, Changchai, and so on, for a variety of apps, this kind of as car, bus, coach, van, truck,
bulldozer, forklift, excavator, road roller, wheel loader, hoister, generator, water pump,
fireplace pump, maritime primary propulsion, marine auxiliary, and so on.
Apart from, we also concentrate in CZPT engines, which includes:

SN Models
one 4BT3.9, 6BT5.9, 4ISBE4.5, 6ISBE6.7, QSB4.5, QSB6.7, ISB
2 6CT8.3, 6LT8.9, ISLe8.9, QSL
four ISF2.8, ISF3.eight
5 ISZ13, ISG
six NT855
7 KT19, KT38, KT50, QSK19, QSK38, etc

for distinct apps, these kinds of as:

SN Apps
one diesel generator set
2 drinking water pump established, fireplace pump established
three design and engineering machinery (crane, excavator, bulldozer, loader, and so on)
four Automobile (bus, coach, shuttle, and so on)
five marine main propulsion, marine auxiliary CZPT set

And besides complete engines, we also export a great deal of engine parts parts, like:

SN Component Descriptions
1 cylinder head, cylinder block, cylinder liner
two piston, piston ring, conrod
3 principal bearing, conrod bearing, thrust bearing
four fuel injector, gas injection pump, frequent rail
5 oil pan gasket, cylinder head gasket
6 overhaul gasket kit, higher gasket kit, lower gasket package
7 oil pan
eight fuel transfer pump, h2o pump, oil pump, vacuum pump, electrical power steering pump
9 oil filter, fuel filter, gasoline water separator, air filter, And so forth

Over and above Cummins, also engines, gearboxes, and car entire body components for some other brand names are offered, these kinds of as:

SN Makes
one Deutz, MWM
two CAT
three Detroit
4 Isuzu
5 Komatsu
six Perkins
seven Weichai
eight Yuchai
nine SDEC
ten Advance
11 Fada
twelve Jinbei, Brilliance
13 Iveco, Yuejin
fourteen and many others

Concern: What is the price tag ?
Answer: Our costs are decided by numerous factors, such as: Brand, Model, Energy, Amount, Price Expression (FOB, CIF, CPT, FCA, and many others), Certificates, etc.
Concern: What is the MOQ ?
Reply: for complete motor, 1 established for engine areas, 1 motor established
Query: Are samples obtainable ?
Response: Sample order is suitable, but with greater unit cost.
       For typical associates, if essential, totally free samples are obtainable.
Concern: How extended is the generation cycle (direct time) ?
Response: for motor areas, we usually have ample stock for engines, generally close to 10-twenty days for inventory motor, generally 1 week.
Query: How prolonged is the shipment?
Response: if by Express, typically 3-4 working days if by air, normally 3-5 functioning days if by sea, 3-7 days to Southeast Asia, fifteen-20 days to Center East, South Asia and Australia, twenty-25 days to Europe, United states and Africa, 30-35 days to Latin The usa and other regions.
Concern: What are your payment approaches ?
Reply: we accept T/T (bank wire transfer), L/C, Western Union, Cash Gram, Secured Trade by means of Made-in-China, etc.

We are experienced transmission sellers and supply a wide selection of transmissions, an vital portion of a lot of travel systems. Gearboxes can be employed to reduce or boost velocity, boost torque, reverse or change the route of a generate shaft. Gearboxes are also known as gear drives, velocity reducers, equipment motors, velocity reducers and equipment reducers.
Right angle gearboxes (worm and planetary gears) are sturdy and can be employed for 90° turns. An inline reducer (parallel shaft and planetary) is an excellent matching motor with substantial enter speeds, or when equipment motor efficiency is essential. Get in touch with our specialized income personnel to help establish which transmission resolution is best for you.

China factory CZPT GWC series Marine Gearbox with Lohmann Stolterfoht Technology     with Great quality