China Best Sales China Hangzhou CZPT Marine Gearbox T300 for Fishing Boat with Great quality

Item Description

 China HangZhou CZPT Maritime Gearbox T300 for Fishing Boat

HangZhou CZPT HC-sequence maritime gearbox self-created by the company is of electricity ranging 10kW~3000kW, ratio ranging 1.5~20:1, comprehensive in specs, substantial market place share, commonly employed in hefty loaded ships these kinds of as transportation, fishing and engineering boats. Product style and production ability are in foremost nationally and advanced internationally level.


Maritime Gearbox T300 possesses functions of velocity reduction, in advance and astern clutching and bearing propeller thrust. It is created of vertically offset and two-phase transmission, that includes in tiny in quantity, huge in ratio, light in excess weight and practical in dis- and reassembly and upkeep.

Primary data

Input velocity 1000-2300r/min
Reduction ratio four.73,4.ninety five,6.032,6.649,7.039 Trans. capacity .243kw/r/min
7.543,8.02 .221kw/r/min
eight.47 .200kw/r/min
Control way Push-and-pull adaptable shaft, electrically, pneumatically
Rated thrust 70KN
Center length 355mm
L×W×H 772×980×1106mm
Net excess weight 1120kg
Flywheel SAE18,sixteen,14
Bell housing SAE0,1


Maritime Gearbox T300 is ideal for fishing, tug, and numerous engineering and transport boats.


Equipment reducers, also known as reducers, come in many transmission variations and are developed to multiply torque and reduce input speed to a wanted output pace. The primary gain of inline gearboxes is their ability to preserve control in programs involving higher rotational speeds. Their performance and potential to give substantial input speeds with minimal backlash make inline reducer gearboxes perfect for a vast selection of movement handle applications
Correct angle gearboxes (worm and planetary gears) are strong and can be utilised for 90° turns. An inline reducer (parallel shaft and planetary) is an excellent matching motor with high input speeds, or when gear motor performance is important. Speak to our specialized product sales employees to aid establish which transmission solution is ideal for you.

China Best Sales China Hangzhou CZPT Marine Gearbox T300 for Fishing Boat     with Great quality